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A Limp Doesn’t Make You Lame!

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A Limp Doesn’t Make You Lame!

by Steve Trullinger

On a beautiful May morning a couple of years ago I was driving through my neighborhood praying for the Lord’s blessing upon the precious people. On a certain street I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pull over and park for a moment and I knew he wanted to show me something.

I watched a dog limping along a nearby driveway as he fetched a newspaper and brought it to his master at the door to the house and I realized the incredible devotion he had to his master.  Despite his limp, he was not “lame” or unable to serve his master. He pushed past his limitation in order to remain faithful to serve.

I was convicted of the times when I used a painful “limp” as an excuse to abdicate responsibility. I prayed right away: “Lord, help me embrace the lesson you taught me today through the steadfast faithfulness of a loving servant.”

I also recalled a very powerful lesson I learned several years before concerning the ability of the Lord to help us push past our limitations to remain faithful to his calling to serve him in advancing the Kingdom. Read on, if you dare!

Many years ago, one of our Father’s Touch healing teams was asked to pray for Susan (not her real name) who had been in a coma for two years. [Her story is shared in our TouchStones collection of encouraging testimonies of God’s goodness]. She was in a sub-acute coma, alert during her “awake” periods and able to communicate with us by blinking her eyelids four times for “yes” and twice for “no.” 

She had breakthrough in finally forgiving the people responsible for her coma condition, and as the team continued to visit over the next year, they witnessed the development in Susan of one of the most wonderful, intimate relationships with the Lord that they had ever encountered! 

Susan’s relationship with the team continued to grow and the Holy Spirit began to reveal what was on her heart so that she could “communicate” with them. So, even though Susan couldn’t talk, the Lord’s mercy enabled her to still “tell” the team how much she loved him and worshiped him. 

One of the burdens on her heart was to pray for others; her focus had shifted from her own plight to the needs of others, particularly for healing. So, Susan was grafted into the Father’s TouchTeam and began praying for visitors while she herself was in a coma! One lady who came for “prayer” from Susan was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as soon as she grasped Susan’s hands and she received instant relief from her painful condition!

So, if the limping dog could still fetch the paper for his master and Susan could heal the sick while in a coma, we can rest assured that whatever our “limp” might be, it does not make us “lame” and with the Lord’s help we can fruitfully serve him with all our hearts!

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