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“Heal, Fido!”

"Heal, Fido!"

by Steve Trullinger

I confess that I sometimes become gleeful when “religious” people have their doctrinal “apple  carts” overturned by Abba’s demonstrations of creativity, power, and playfulness! 

One of my favorite anecdotes in this regard was precipitated by a series of truly outrageous demonstrations of the power of the Holy Spirit flowing out of ordinary believers. It began for me in late 2009 in northern Kenya while I was waiting in a plastic, white chair on the field near the platform where I would be preaching in a few minutes, at one of our Freedom Festivals with a large crowd (several thousand precious souls hungry for the reality of God in their lives).  

As I was mulling the content of my prepared message while waiting to be called to the platform, I knew there would be several minutes required for the succession of “hosts” of increasing rank in the church to finish introducing their superiors until finally the chief bishop would in turn introduce me. I felt I had a powerful message, but I also had a nagging feeling that I was missing something that Abba wanted me to include. So, I asked him directly: “Abba, am I missing something you want me to do or say?” 

Abba answered me with a question:  

“Son, how much do you believe?” 

You may be able to agree with me that it seemed to be a “loaded” question! I was tempted to proudly declare, “I believe for all things!” But I knew that wasn’t true and I needed help to discern what was really the truth. So, I whispered to the Holy Spirit, pretending that Abba couldn’t hear me (a game I sometimes play with my Daddy in heaven): “Holy Spirit, how much do I believe?” 

He answered quickly, “You believe a little bit, but you have a long way to go!” 

That sounded accurate to me, so I “came back” to Abba and said, “Daddy, I believe a little bit, but I have a long way to go. Will you help me?” You see, I knew I had been “set up” by Dad to be prepared for a “learning experience” and that he had a goal of teaching me how I could believe more than just a “little bit.” 

Now that Abba had my agreement that I needed to believe in a bigger way, he commanded me to “Read Acts, Chapter 5!” I still had some time before the chain of hierarchical introductions would be finished, so I turned to Acts, Chapter 5, in my Bible and began to read. It starts with the story 

of Ananias and his wife Sapphira who had sold some land so they could lay some money at the Apostles’ feet as others had been doing (see Acts 4:34-35). The problem was that they kept some of the money for themselves and lied to the Apostle Peter about doing so. Within about three hours they had both separately lied to Peter and fell dead at his feet, were carried out and buried by the young men who assisted Peter. Wow! 

I said to Abba, “I haven’t sold any land lately, so what are you teaching me?” He said, “Start reading at verse 12.” If you read that passage from verses 12 to 16, you will discover that so much power was flowing from Peter as he walked along the streets, that sick people were brought and laid on beds and mats close to Peter’s path so that at least his shadow might fall on them. Luke writes that, “Crowds gathered from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by impure spirits, and all of them were healed.” 

Here is an important point: it wasn’t Peter’s shadow that healed the people. I believe that it was the power of the Holy Spirit flowing from his innermost being, according to Jesus’ prophesy recorded in John 7:38-39.  

I instantly realized that Abba was wanting me to walk by some “sick” people who I could call up on the platform, and they would be healed in front of the entire crowd, a la Peter in Acts, Chapter 5. I have to shorten the story for this already long Glimpse, but that is exactly what happened. Ten people with bad backs were healed on the platform as I simply walked by them, pretending to be like Peter walking through the streets of Jerusalem. I didn’t pray for them (not even a word) and I didn’t even look at them. I wanted to make it clear that what healed the people was the same power (i.e., Holy Spirit) flowing from me that flowed from Peter 2000 years ago. The crowd  rejoiced mightily because of this demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, and many more were healed and saved that night! 

Abba had me demonstrate this phenomenon of “walk-by healings” in many places in the next few weeks, not just in Africa, but in many places in North America. But each time I asked a volunteer to doing the “walking” so I could help build confidence that anyone who believes can do the same as Peter (see Mark 9:23). Many of these testimonies are fascinating encouragements because of the variety of situations, locations, and volunteers where we have seen walk-by healings occur.  

In just the few short weeks of a ministry tour in the Pacific Northwest (January of 2010), we saw walk-by healings accomplished by many different volunteers, including a 10-month-old girl who “toddled” by a line of 15 sick people in a church service and the entire line was healed. A homeless man named Bill, who was a double amputee, rolled in his wheelchair past a line of sick people and they were all healed. People of all ages and backgrounds have been amazed to see sick people healed as they simply walk by. I have personally witnessed this miraculous phenomenon over a  hundred times now, in many different nations, always with ordinary volunteers who believe that  God can do anything! 

But to now bring this long anecdote to a close, I want to share one of the episodes that happened  that first month in January 2010. I was ministering in a small home meeting in the Seattle area, sharing some of the testimonies of walk-by healings and again planning to follow the Holy Spirit’s  leading to demonstrate this phenomenon with the few sick people in the living room. During a short break before the ministry time at the meeting, I was pondering how to carry out the  demonstration in light of the cramped space in the living room. There was no way to have the people form a line so that a volunteer could simply walk by them, a la Peter. 

There were a few people still seated while the others were in the kitchen sampling refreshments during the break, and I noticed that the family dog, a 13-year-old English Dinmont Terrier named Maggie, walked into the room. Maggie was “famous” as a Holy Spirit “soaking” dog who often would hobble into the worship times during ministry nights at the host home, lay down on the floor  and “soak” in the presence of the Lord for a few minutes. Then, she would typically bounce out of the room, evidently free of the pain of the arthritis in her joints. 

When Maggie walked into the living room during the break time at this particular meeting, I cavalierly blurted out, “I bet even Maggie could walk by the sick and they would be healed!” I realized the absurdity of what I just had said and wanted to capture the words I had uttered and pull them back into my mouth! But while I was sitting there somewhat chagrined by my off-hand comment, Maggie walked over to a man seated in a chair and just stood by him. He exclaimed, “All my hip pain is suddenly gone!” The lady seated next to him said, “I feel better, too!” 

Maggie walked over to one lady in the room and stood by her a few times and she sent an email to the hostess the next day, testifying that “Every time your dog stood by me, I felt my blood pressure go down another notch, and today all my fluid retention is also gone!” So, Maggie the Holy Spirit soaking dog indeed had walked by the sick and they were healed! Wow! 

When I’ve shared this testimony in the occasional presence of “religious police” they sometimes ask, in a judgmental tone with their “nose in the air,” “Why would God use a dawg to heal the sick?”  

My gleeful answer is simple: “Because handkerchiefs don’t have legs!” (See Acts 19:11-12) 

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

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The Only Place With Your Shape!

The Only Place with Your Shape!

by Steve Trullinger

There is only one place in the entire universe that has your shape, a place where you fit perfectly!

In one of the most vivid open-visions I have experienced from Abba, I learned a powerful truth about his love for us all. The scene was at a small conference held in a neighborhood community church in Pasadena, CA, during the corporate worship time before my mentor was invited to the pulpit to share a powerful teaching. I was standing in front of my seat in the front row (in my role as “bag-carrier” for the speaker) facing the worship team on the platform.  

Not long into the time of singing I was treated to an open-eyed vision from Abba in which I saw before me a portion of his “heart.” It did not have a “Valentine” shape, but I knew by the Holy Spirit that it was a region in the “infinite heart” of Abba. What was captivating my attention was a “hole” in Abba’s heart that had the shape of a “ginger-bread-man cookie” with a head, two arms, and two legs.

I was curious about this hole and asked Abba to tell me what I was seeing. He answered, “Son, that is the hole in my heart with your shape!” As I looked more closely, I noted that the hole appeared to be more “skinny” than my body and I wondered if Abba was hinting that I should go on a diet? Abba and I laughed together at his teasing!

But then the scene changed, and I saw a much bigger region of his heart, extending as far to the left and to the right as I could see. There was a huge string of similar “holes,” each attached to their “neighbors” in finger-tip to finger-tip fashion like a very long paper-doll cut-out extending further than I could see in both directions. I asked Abba what this string represented and he replied, “Son, there is a hole in my heart for every one of my children!” Wow!

Finally, I saw a person trying to “wedge” their way into one of the holes that didn’t seem to have their shape and I heard the Father yelp in pain at the attempted forcible entry. A hand appeared and guided the person to the hole with precisely their shape in Abba’s heart and they were able to fit into that place perfectly. I realized that if someone doesn’t take their particular and pre-fashioned place in Abba’s heart, no one can do so in their stead. One immediate lesson was that we should not try to be like someone else, but rather be the person Abba intends us to be.  

At this point the vision ended, and I began to weep uncontrollably because of the revelation that many of the holes in Abba’s heart would never be filled, because of rebellious refusal on the part of the intended occupants to accept the salvation purchased for them by Jesus Christ. Those holes in Abba’s heart would remain empty forever, causing eternal pain for Abba. I felt only an infinitesimal fraction of that pain and I could barely stand it.  

The conference organizer came over to me to ask what was “wrong” that I should be weeping so sorrowfully, and I shared the vision with her. She then asked me to share the vision with everyone and many in the congregation began to weep also. It was a very solemn and holy moment that I will never forget! I have written elsewhere to exhort believers to share the power of the Gospel message and fill more of the places in Abba’s heart with new believers, thus reducing the pain that he would feel forever. 

The good news is that when you “step into” the place in Abba’s heart prepared and reserved exclusively for you, you will fit perfectly and become one with Him and you both will rejoice forever. But don’t stop there – help as many others as possible do the same and everyone in Abba’s heart will rejoice forever because of your evangelistic expression of his love!

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

Pinkie Power!

Pinkie Power!

by Steve Trullinger

There is “incomparably great power” that dwells in those who believe! [Eph 1:19]

The Holy Spirit possesses (and shares!) power so vast it cannot be measured! And Abba wants us to realize and demonstrate this power to advance his Kingdom on the earth.  

Long ago, one of my mentors in the arena of spiritual warfare taught me a powerful truth (based on 1 John 4:4). He said to me, “Steve, you have more power in your little pinkie finger because of the Holy Spirit in you than all the devils put together, including satan himself!” I answered with delight, saying, “That’s awesome, because I have TWO little pinkies!” ☺ We had a good laugh over that “revelation!”

I have been delighted on many occasions to remind believers all over the world of this powerful truth, with the goal of helping vanquish timidity and encouraging boldness in dealing with devils when the occasion arises (see Matthew 10:8, for example).

I’m convinced that Abba delights in demonstrating his power through his sons and daughters.  Let me share just one of several instances in which I’ve coached entire crowds to exert dominion over devils because of the “pinkie power” that resides in them.  

The setting was a Freedom Festival gathering on a large field in the northern Ugandan city of Gulu in 2016. I used one of the five successive nights of ministry from the platform to help activate over 10,000 Ugandan believers to exert dominion over devils that had been harassing their community. 

On that particular night, I preached on the power of the Holy Spirit within every believer and shared the lesson I was taught by my mentor on “pinkie power.” Several hundred people on the Festival field had indicated by a show of hands that they were experiencing torment in various forms from devils, including night torment and voices, chronic sickness, persistent addictions, pain, fears of various kinds, etc.  

Here was the strategy I laid out for the crowd to have victory over the devils. I asked all the saints who believed that they indeed had incredible power because of the Holy Spirit resident in them to hold up their hands, wiggle their pinkie fingers and simply smile at the devils (even though unseen) without uttering a word. I promised that every demon would leave the people on the field as they did this powerful act of exerting dominion over the enemy (see Luke 10:19).

The majority of those in the crowd followed my instruction and every person who had been experiencing demonic torment subsequently waved their hands to indicate they were now free! They had felt the “release” instantly and knew they now had freedom through this simple victory obtained as thousands of believers collectively enforced the demonic exodus!

That night the entire crowd was delivered by “pinkie power” and an army of deliverance ministers was birthed in Gulu and rejoiced mightily as they praised God!

The next time you may experience any harassment from a devil, wave your pinkie finger (or two) as a display of belief [it needs to be sincere and solid, not just a “wish!”] in the authority you have over all power of the enemy. “All things are possible for him who believes!” (Mark 9:23). Your Father in heaven will laugh right along with you as the devil flees!

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

An Ancient Pathway to Joy

An Ancient Pathway to Joy

by Steve Trullinger

There is an ancient pathway to joy that awaits every believer! 

Abba desires our obedience because he loves us beyond measure. He encourages us to trust him and reap wonderful benefits as a result. His desire is that we have joy that stems from childlike faith that, in turn, enables us to trust and obey him. Even when we don’t understand how that obedience could possibly lead to a good result, we certainly can rely on his unchanging character and ability.  

Obedience, trust and joy are strongly linked, even interwoven. They can be regarded in a sense as forming a 3-stranded “cord” that ties our hearts to his. I learned this in my second year as a believer, in a dramatic fashion!

During my first 18 months of learning how to walk with Jesus, I struggled with the issue of tithing. I started out giving 1% or 2% of my income and then I forced myself to give 5% the next month. But then I was short of funds to make ends meet the following month and reverted back to giving 1 or 2 percent of my income. I went up and down this sort of cycle a few times until I grew more trusting of my Abba.

As a university professor I opted to receive my academic 9-month salary in 12 equal monthly installments each year. In addition, I was allowed to receive two months of salary during the summer recess as I conducted physics research funded by grants from government agencies. This extra two-months income in the summer was like “gravy” that enabled me to pay for family vacations, pay off bills that had accumulated during the year, etc.  

So, during that second summer in my Christian walk I made a somewhat easy choice to tithe the full 10% in June and July. Why not? I had “extra” income those two months. It felt good to finally be “obedient” (in my mind). But then August came and my paycheck at the end of the month was back to its much lower 1/12th amount. Now the test was staring me in the face, so to speak. Would I be truly obedient and still give the full 10% tithe, or would I revert to succumbing to fear of lack by giving much less so I could pay the bills?

I decided that I should trust God in simple obedience and just see what happens. So, I gave 10% to the church, paid rent and some other essential bills, and found myself with only $3 in my bank account and about four weeks to go until my next paycheck. That was crazy, by worldly standards.

That week I had to travel on Friday to the university to make arrangements for my upcoming teaching duties for the Fall term starting the next week. As I was driving along the freeway to the campus, I thought about how I was trusting God to meet my urgent needs, with only $3 in my account and just enough gas in my car to make one more trip to the campus on Monday. An amazing joy began to flood my soul and I started singing in my car and shouting out praises to God! I experienced the feeling of having no worry whatsoever! I had true freedom from any concern for my provision, because I trusted my Abba.

When I arrived at my office on campus I saw that I had a message on my answering machine and pushed the play button. The department chairman had left me a message earlier in the day that said this: “Steve, we just received word from the Dean’s office that, because you agreed at the last minute to teach the extra course we asked you to consider, the Dean wants to give you an extra ½-month’s salary! You can pick up the check on Monday.” Hallelujah! Abba had already taken care of my needs while I was filled with joy simply from trusting him in obedience. Wow! 

That weekend I let the lesson sink in. I made a commitment to never worry about provision again, and even as I occasionally encountered “sketchy” financial outlooks I have always tithed every month in the subsequent decades, reveling in the joy of obedience born of trust, and I have never lacked the basic necessities (see Matthew 6:25-34).  

Abba has proven faithful as I have walked this ancient pathway to joy! There is room on this pathway for all those who dare to believe!

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

Up to the Challenge?

Up to the Challenge?

by Steve Trullinger

Abba trains his sons to take charge on his behalf as they mature!

As we become more like Jesus during our maturation as sons of God [see Romans 8:29], we are entrusted with increasing responsibility to do (or “carry out”) his will upon the earth, as it is in heaven [Matthew 6:10].  

That seems like a good thing, and indeed it is! But sometimes we may “balk” at exercising our authority, perhaps because we are not sure of the “right” thing to do in a situation, or we may not realize that Abba expects us to “do the miracle” as Christ would, or that we should issue a “command” on behalf of our Father.

This may well be one of the toughest challenges in our growth as sons of God, namely to stop asking the Father to do everything while we “spectate,” and instead to “take charge” as sons imbued with his authority and power for the situation. Abba can and does give us perfect guidance, however, as he helps us to be bold and grow in confidence in the process of becoming like Christ.

There are several instances in my own growth process when Abba interrupted my prayer for help (or a complaint about a situation) by asking, 

“What are you going to do about it, son?”

Those times are precious to me because not only did Abba challenge me each time to do something about the situation at hand, but he also trusted me to take charge in his stead! All I needed was a little “prompting” when I was somehow “balking” (in his opinion). The empowerment I felt when he asked me such a question was thrilling to me as a fledgling miracle-worker. I am not alone in having that as part of my “job description” — if you are a believer, you have it, too!  Jesus said as much in John 14:12:

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing,

and they will do even greater things than these, …”  [John 14:12]

Just one example will serve to help encourage you, I think. Many years ago, I was preaching at an open-air Freedom Festival in western Kenya when thick black clouds rolled in and began to drench the crowd (and I was getting soaked on the platform in my 3-piece suit). Two-thirds of the roughly 3000 people on the field ran for cover under trees or building overhangs nearby, while the 1000 people remaining stood fast to hear the Gospel message while I kept preaching in the downpour. I complained silently to the Father that this rain was preventing many people from paying attention to the Good News, and it just wasn’t right! What’s more, I was worried that I had a microphone in my hand, connected by a wire to the amplifier connected to the generator nearby on the ground. I was basically a human “lightning rod!” Yikes! I wanted Abba to please stop the rain!  

Instead, he asked me a familiar question, “What are you going to do about it, son?” That’s all I needed to hear! I pointed to the sky and shouted out loud, “As a son of God, I command this rain to stop, now!”  

Instantly, and I mean instantly, the rain stopped. Not one more drop fell on us, even though some drops were already falling when I issued the command! They disappeared somehow! The collective gasp of astonishment in the crowd of 1000 on the field was unforgettable! I was astonished also, thinking “Wow, that was good timing!” The 2000 people who had fled for cover earlier came running back to the field as fast as they could because of this miracle, and many hundreds surrendered their lives to Christ that afternoon.

I could share many more examples such as this one, involving not only myself, but several of my spiritual sons and daughters. Remember, Jesus said we would do the works he did, and even greater!

Are you up to the challenge?

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

God, I Need Gas!

God, I Need Gas!

by Steve Trullinger

Abba trains his sons to expect the miraculous!

One of my first “miracle lessons” began in my first year as a Christian. It was indeed the first in the category of “creative” miracles I witnessed, and many followed in the decades since. Yet, the “first” will always be etched in my memory.

I was driving alone late one night from the far east side of the Los Angeles basin to my home near the ocean on the west, a journey of about 50 miles. My path on the freeway system took me through a pretty “rough” section of town, and that normally isn’t cause for concern. But while traveling through that section I noticed my fuel gauge was far below “empty!” In fact, I had never seen the gauge read that low, even when I had run out of gas in the past. I thought, “I must be running on fumes or angels are pushing my car!” I rebuked myself for forgetting to refuel earlier in the journey!

I started to panic a bit, because I knew if I pulled off the freeway to find a gas station and stopped at one, my car might be missing some tires and my wallet might have a new owner before I could finish filling my gas tank.

So, while still traveling on the freeway, I cried out impulsively, “God, I need gas!”  Unexpectedly, I watched the gas gauge needle go from far below “empty” up to about a quarter of a tank reading! Amazing! I praised the Lord for his creative miracle, right before my eyes!

I managed to make it the remaining 30 miles to my home and as I pulled into my driveway and glanced at the fuel gauge, it now read just above empty. I joked with Father, saying, “I should have asked for a full tank!” He replied with a chuckle, “Yes, son, you should have!” I laughed some more because I made my Abba laugh.

About ten years later, I was driving a different car, this time with a passenger, and was sharing the story about God putting gas in my tank as an example of a creative miracle. I happened to glance at the fuel gauge and it was way below empty, so I cried out again, “God, I need gas!” As we both watched the fuel gauge, the needle went up to a 1/3-tank reading. Incredible! This time, I had a witness and he believed my testimony from 10 years before.  

I exclaimed after the fact that “I should have asked for a full tank!” I heard Father laughing at his “slow-learning” son. I had to laugh with him, as I thought:

“Next time, Abba, …”

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

A Pleasant Surprise!

A Pleasant Surprise!

by Steve Trullinger

Abba hears the pleas of his children!

A powerful example of his attentiveness to our entreaties for mercy has encouraged many believers since the night he answered a heart-cry from one of his precious daughters in the Spring of 2006.  

The setting was a home gathering of about a dozen college students in Kansas City, MO, who were on fire for Jesus and had traveled quite far from their campus in another state to visit the International House of Prayer (IHOP) during their Spring break. The couple who hosted these students in their large home for several days had invited me to visit at the same time and help encourage them in the evenings with times of teaching, ministry, and activation of their faith.

God moved in amazing ways during these times of ministry to the students and on one particular evening, a student named Mara asked for prayer since she had been through some traumatizing experiences and, although she had already experienced some amazing healing, she was still downcast.   

As we prayed for her, a friend of hers read from Isaiah: “… you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow (Isaiah 62:2b).” Abba impressed upon me that he wanted to change her name, from Mara (which means “bitter”) to Naomi (which means pleasant or delightful)! I shared the story from the book of Ruth where Naomi said (see Ruth 1:20) to the women around her upon arrival in Bethlehem, “Don’t call me Naomi. Call me Mara, because I am bitter [over the loss of her husband and two sons]!”  

The young student was overwhelmed with shock and joy upon hearing that Abba was giving her the new name Naomi – she would now be “pleasant” instead of “bitter.” I told her that she was to say, “Do not call me Mara. Call me Naomi!” With tears of joy, she called her mom and grandma back home and asked if she could change her name to what God wanted to call her. They agreed, and I learned later that she filed the paperwork with her state to officially change her name from Mara to Naomi!   

What I didn’t know that evening, nor did anyone else before our prayer time, was that she had been secretly asking God to change her name from Mara (“bitter”), as it had really begun to bother her over the preceding couple of months. No one else knew this deep desire in her heart, but Abba loves to partner with his servants to answer in ways that are unexpected, and even thrilling!

That memorable evening we were all blessed with a “pleasant” surprise from Abba!  

P.S. Fourteen years later, Naomi was “pleasantly” wedded to her husband, as God continued to answer her prayers! 

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries



by Steve Trullinger

Every so often I wonder if Abba has taught his son Jesus somewhere along the line how to design and carry out sneaky surprises for us, that catch us “off guard” and thrill us with a sudden “invasion” from heaven. The Lover of our souls delights in showing us his playful, romantic nature as he communicates his enthrallment with our betrothal to him.

One of these “invasions” from heaven I experienced early on, in the second year of my walk with Jesus, and it still warms my heart decades later whenever the memory “bursts” upon me. I was busy finishing an “important” task at home when my young daughter chose that moment to sweetly invite me to play Scrabble with her. I responded, “Honey, let me finish this project quickly while you set up the game on the living room floor by the fireplace. I’ll join you in just a couple of minutes.

When I joined her a few minutes later, she had set up the game board and had positioned all the letter tiles face down, ready for me to choose the seven tiles I would start with. I selected the tiles and placed them one by one on my letter rack to then try to invent a clever word or two to begin the game with her. I was shocked by what I was staring at as I looked at the word that appeared on my rack, with no tile rearrangement yet by me:


“Jehovah-sneaky” had guided my hand in selecting, in order, the seven letters in the name of the famous biblical city in Asia. This name is associated with one of the most exhilarating New Testament letters written by the Apostle Paul. I had studied Ephesians early in my walk, and I was undone by the message the Lord had clearly spelled out on my Scrabble tile rack, because I knew the meaning of the word ephesus.

I was weeping as I asked my daughter to please give me a few more minutes before I could continue the game with her. Jesus had just called me, “Darling!”

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

A Limp Doesn’t Make You Lame!

A Limp Doesn’t Make You Lame!

by Steve Trullinger

On a beautiful May morning a couple of years ago I was driving through my neighborhood praying for the Lord’s blessing upon the precious people. On a certain street I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pull over and park for a moment and I knew he wanted to show me something.

I watched a dog limping along a nearby driveway as he fetched a newspaper and brought it to his master at the door to the house and I realized the incredible devotion he had to his master.  Despite his limp, he was not “lame” or unable to serve his master. He pushed past his limitation in order to remain faithful to serve.

I was convicted of the times when I used a painful “limp” as an excuse to abdicate responsibility. I prayed right away: “Lord, help me embrace the lesson you taught me today through the steadfast faithfulness of a loving servant.”

I also recalled a very powerful lesson I learned several years before concerning the ability of the Lord to help us push past our limitations to remain faithful to his calling to serve him in advancing the Kingdom. Read on, if you dare!

Many years ago, one of our Father’s Touch healing teams was asked to pray for Susan (not her real name) who had been in a coma for two years. [Her story is shared in our TouchStones collection of encouraging testimonies of God’s goodness]. She was in a sub-acute coma, alert during her “awake” periods and able to communicate with us by blinking her eyelids four times for “yes” and twice for “no.” 

She had breakthrough in finally forgiving the people responsible for her coma condition, and as the team continued to visit over the next year, they witnessed the development in Susan of one of the most wonderful, intimate relationships with the Lord that they had ever encountered! 

Susan’s relationship with the team continued to grow and the Holy Spirit began to reveal what was on her heart so that she could “communicate” with them. So, even though Susan couldn’t talk, the Lord’s mercy enabled her to still “tell” the team how much she loved him and worshiped him. 

One of the burdens on her heart was to pray for others; her focus had shifted from her own plight to the needs of others, particularly for healing. So, Susan was grafted into the Father’s TouchTeam and began praying for visitors while she herself was in a coma! One lady who came for “prayer” from Susan was powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit as soon as she grasped Susan’s hands and she received instant relief from her painful condition!

So, if the limping dog could still fetch the paper for his master and Susan could heal the sick while in a coma, we can rest assured that whatever our “limp” might be, it does not make us “lame” and with the Lord’s help we can fruitfully serve him with all our hearts!

© 2022 The Father’s Touch Ministries

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

by Steve Trullinger

As we are fashioned into the image of Christ by the working of the Holy Spirit, we can rejoice when evidence of the ongoing transformation is displayed, even if the occurrence seems “natural” at the time. That “naturalness” is in fact part of the evidence that you are a son of Abba!

“But the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit within you

is divine love in all its varied expressions:  

joy that overflows, peace that subdues,

patience that endures, kindness in action,

a life full of virtue, faith that prevails,

gentleness of heart, and strength of spirit.

Never set the law above these qualities, 

for they are meant to be limitless.”

Galatians 5:22-3 [TPT]

I was “ambushed” one day by the Holy Spirit as he helped me understand that “kindness in action” not only can bless the recipient of this “fruit of the Spirit,” but also serves to help us with the mission of preparing the next generation of younger Christians who are “watching!”

It happened several years ago, as I was enjoying my weekly after-school visit with Sammy (not his real name), a young boy whom I was mentoring through the “Brothers’ Keepers” ministry for fatherless boys at my church. During our visit I received a call from my friend Jenny (not her real name), who was “stuck” at her patio table at a local coffee shop, needing help because she was too weak to walk to her car. Her plight was due to sudden extreme fatigue brought about by her auto-immune disorder.

So, Sammy and I went to the rescue.

When we reached Jenny, she asked me to help her to her car, as she felt confident that she could at least drive home. We followed her to the underground parking garage at her apartment building, and I carried Jenny from her car to her door. We helped her get settled before Sammy and I walked back to my car to resume our mentoring visit.  

As we walked across the courtyard of the apartment complex to the street, Sammy mentioned that he wanted to be like me when he “grew up.” I asked, “Why is that, Sammy?” He answered so sweetly, “I want to help people.” 

Mission accomplished.

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