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All in the Family!

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All in the Family!

by Steve Trullinger

When Abba looked upon the face of Adam, he “saw” you and I and all the rest of Adam’s progeny!

He does not regard Adam’s family as just a bunch of generations loosely connected by reproduction; rather he purposed for Adam’s family to be a multi-generational organism, if I can use that terminology. In other words, we were all envisioned by Abba to be a “part” of Adam, intimately connected to one another by God’s design for a unified family. Indeed, the Hebrew word adam connotates an entire race of beings, and not just the name of one person.  

Abba’s view of family has multiple ramifications and delightful encouragements for you!

For example, a case can be made for your “presence” with Adam and Eve [e.g., see Heb 7:9-10] as they appeared “on the scene” and Abba subsequently looked on all that he had made and saw that it was very good (or pleasing). Your presence (with Adam and Eve) “caused” the goodness of everything else to increase to the very good level, in God’s sight [see Gen 1:31]!

Another blessing of Abba’s design of family is the joy you can experience in anticipating the successes and accomplishments (e.g., the good works predestined by God [see Eph 2:10]) of your believing descendants, even those not yet born!  In a sense you “participate” in those good works that will happen in the future.  

Yet another huge blessing of all believers being “connected” in the family of God is that we will eventually experience the immeasurable joy of complete (perfect) unity of the sons of God, with each other and with Jesus and the Father! This was prayed for by Jesus [see John 17:20-23] and Abba will undoubtedly answer that prayer of his beloved Son!

There is much more that awaits us as we realize (and experience) that all the blessings of Abba  belong to all of us collectively. In other words, the whole “kit and kaboodle” is all in the family!

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