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Beyond Bird-Care!

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Beyond Bird-Care!

by Steve Trullinger

You have much more value than a bird!

Jesus wants us to understand our value in the Father’s sight, so he offered this comparison to the disciples when teaching them not to worry:

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

[Matthew 6:26-27]

During the last several months, I have had an occasional visitor at my favorite early-morning prayer spot on a cliff overlooking the Los Angeles basin. He is a cute little bird who I began to recognize because of his shriveled leg. He seemed to get along just fine by hopping on one leg as he searched around me for tidbits of food for his morning breakfast. This friendly guy lingered quite close to me on several occasions and perhaps he may have been sensing the presence of his Maker residing in me (a topic for another time!). 

I have both compassion for him having only one useful leg, as well as admiration for him because he doesn’t seem to let it hinder him. Indeed, I’ve learned some lessons from my little friend.  This morning I saw him from the comfort of my car as it was raining, and he lingered nearby for a while, as if to greet me once again. This time I felt the Father’s incredible compassion for this little bird, and it brought me to tears because I was sharing in Abba’s heart as he invited my heart to entwine with his as we both “looked” upon his precious creation.  

Then Abba spoke to me to let me know that this caring compassion of his that I was feeling for the bird was nothing compared to his caring compassion for me! He reminded me that he feeds this little lame bird; how much more shall he meet my needs so that I need not worry. His care for me as I “limp” through life is far beyond his care for the little bird!   

Today, the above teaching of Jesus in Matthew, Chapter 6, came alive for me! Abba’s affectionate care for me (and you!) is truly far beyond bird-care!

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