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Blessing Abba’s Heart?

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Blessing Abba’s Heart?

by Steve Trullinger

Is it possible to bless Abba’s heart? 

Of course it is! We do so in myriad ways as we exhibit Christlikeness in increasing measure. We  “tickle his funny bone” with our humorous ideas, behavior, and even our jokes. We bless him when we recognize and/or receive his uncountable blessings. His infinite love for us enables his heart to rejoice over us in more ways than we can possibly imagine.  

This is not news to you, I’m sure.

But I want to suggest another way to bless Abba’s heart: directly, with a declaration of blessing. Here is one way to do so (and there are undoubtedly many more!). It has to do with Abba’s intense desire for everyone to have eternal life with him (see John 3:16). As I meditated on this again recently, I recalled a powerful vision I had many years ago in which Abba showed me that his heart had a huge number of “holes,” each having the shape of one of his precious children (see the Glimpse entitled, “The Only Place with Your Shape!”), and that his desire is that everyone would take their unique place in his heart.   

Regrettably, many people refuse the offer of Abba to take their place in his heart and this causes him (and us, because we love him) incredible pain. The symbolism in this vision was profound and impacted me greatly! When this revelation of “divine pain” takes hold of us, how can we not endeavor with passion to share the Gospel message so that more people can take their place in Abba’s heart? When they do, he is blessed and joyful beyond measure!

I realized recently that the well-recognized and demonstrated power of spoken blessing could be applied to Abba himself, i.e., to his heart condition. So, I’ve made it a regular habit to speak out loud the following blessing:

“Abba, I bless your heart with fullness of your children, in Jesus’ name!”

I can feel his immense pleasure when I bless him directly in this way. If the possibility of blessing Abba through your spoken word seems odd to you, please remember the promise of Jesus in Mark 9:23: “All things are possible for him who believes.” Don’t underestimate the influence you have with your voice as a son of God.

So, if this practice seems good to you, please join me, as often as you are prompted, in directly blessing the heart of our Abba with the fulfillment of his utmost desire. Your heart will be blessed also because it is entwined with his!

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