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Every Drop is Precious!

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Every Drop is Precious!

by Steve Trullinger

Every drop of Jesus’ blood shed for us is precious in the sight of the Father. The value of each one is beyond measure, of course, because of the immeasurable love that it represents.

There are other drops that are also regarded in heaven as precious. Let me explain.  

Many years ago, I was taken in a vision into a realm in heaven where I was standing near the shore of what looked like a vast ocean of golden liquid. I observed an angel standing very close to the ocean, and he was carefully ladling this liquid into what looked like a pitcher made of fine crystal. I had the impression that the liquid was so precious to the Father that the angel didn’t want to spill even a drop on the ground.

Another angel was standing next to me, and I asked him what the liquid was. He replied that it was precious oil of anointing. Just then the vision expanded and I saw angels all along the shore as far as I could see in both directions, and each was carefully, reverently, ladling this golden oil into a crystal pitcher. In awe, I asked why all these pitchers were being carefully filled to the brim.

The answer I received thrilled me beyond measure! I was told that there was a pitcher being filled for every saint and that, at the appointed time, the pitchers would be poured out upon all of us! The symbolism in this vision greatly heightened my anticipation for the “appointed time.”

Be encouraged, beloved ones – Abba is intentional about pouring out his Spirit [see Joel 2:28-32] upon us to anoint us for glorious purpose [e.g., Isaiah 61:1-11]. Every “drop” is precious and powerful. May all our hands and hearts be open to receive this outpouring coming from a limitless supply in heaven.  

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