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Experiencing Entwinement!

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Experiencing Entwinement!

by Steve Trullinger

Something remarkable happens when we truly accept the reality of Jesus and Abba making their home with us [see John 14:23]. The intimacy that results from this divine cohabitation has far-reaching consequences whose discovery will likely keep us occupied on into eternity! The most fascinating place in the universe is Abba’s heart and the love it expresses will indeed take eternity to fathom.  

Abba desires for us to experience some of these consequences even while we still occupy our earth-suits. While these are probably just “appetizers” for what awaits us in heaven, we can nevertheless rejoice when we experience what can be called “entwinement.” This is what happens as a result of the divine cohabitation with us; our hearts become entwined with the hearts of Jesus and Abba (which can be argued to be so similar that we have difficulty distinguishing them – [see John 14:9-11]).

Isn’t this a deep desire for every Christian, to have our hearts so “entwined” with God’s that we begin to feel like he does? In other words, we yearn to increasingly experience the emotions of God as we become more like Christ.

A couple of examples will help illustrate this entwinement. One of these has to do with compassion: I’ve come to embrace the belief that pure compassion seeks to make Abba’s heart pain-free. In the process the pain in our own hearts is softened because we have such a deep heart-connection with our Father. In other words, our emotion co-mingles with his because of the entwinement of our hearts with his.

Another example is illustrated by a growing desire on my part to speak blessing over Abba’s heart, in the name of Jesus. I find myself often praying for Abba’s heart to be more filled with his children. Is it permissible to pray for Abba, seeking to truly bless his heart? Does his heart actually need blessing? If you can believe with me that God’s heart is the most vulnerable heart there is, then it is surely possible to bless him with not only our good choices, but also with our care for his emotion.  

As this heart-entwinement grows stronger, we can find ourselves experiencing the emotion of Abba when someone surrenders to the loving invitation to join his family. All the angels rejoice when this happens and so can we, not just for our own sake of relief because a soul has been rescued from the clutches of Satan, but even more so because we feel something of what Abba himself feels.  

These examples are harbingers of something much deeper than just the blessing of satisfaction in seeing the Kingdom of God expand. Indeed, as we experience more of the emotion of Abba, we increasingly demonstrate the reality of our creation in his image!  

Let your heart receive the roommates named Jesus and Abba! You will never regret the entwinement of hearts that results as you become more like them. Abba made you to experience what delights him; his love demands your blessing.

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