Glimpses into the Father's Heart

Exquisite Escalation!

Exquisite Escalation!

by Steve Trullinger

Are you blessed by Abba?

Of course you are! In fact, you would have a difficult time counting all the blessings from him.  But did you know that Abba is blessed by YOU?

There are many times that you delight him with your thoughtful deeds, your heart-felt adorations, your obedience to his directions, and the list goes on …

There is a much deeper kind of blessing you provide for your Abba, however. It is not due to something you do, or say, or even think. Rather it is because of what you receive! Namely, when you receive blessing(s) from Abba, he in turn is blessed simply because you are blessed. In other words, because of his immeasurable love for you, your reception of even his “smallest” blessing thrills him! That is the nature of pure love.

Abba is so extremely others-focused (on you in particular) that his blessing because of your blessing is “inescapable,” if you will allow me to claim that God cannot escape something.  

It doesn’t stop there! Because you love your Abba, you also sense (or share in) his blessing because you can “feel” his heart warming because you’ve been blessed. In other words, you become more blessed when he is blessed!  

But wait! Now that you are more blessed, he becomes even more blessed! And then you become even more blessed as a consequence of his blessed heart. This is the nature of a true love-relationship and yours with Abba is the very best there is.

In over 30 years of my explorations of Abba’s heart, I’ve learned that this mutual escalation of blessing continues on and on, and will continue to do so into eternity! So, remember to receive your blessings with a warmed heart, because Abba’s heart will then warm even more in response.

You both will enjoy this exquisite escalation forever!

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