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God, I Need Gas!

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God, I Need Gas!

by Steve Trullinger

Abba trains his sons to expect the miraculous!

One of my first “miracle lessons” began in my first year as a Christian. It was indeed the first in the category of “creative” miracles I witnessed, and many followed in the decades since. Yet, the “first” will always be etched in my memory.

I was driving alone late one night from the far east side of the Los Angeles basin to my home near the ocean on the west, a journey of about 50 miles. My path on the freeway system took me through a pretty “rough” section of town, and that normally isn’t cause for concern. But while traveling through that section I noticed my fuel gauge was far below “empty!” In fact, I had never seen the gauge read that low, even when I had run out of gas in the past. I thought, “I must be running on fumes or angels are pushing my car!” I rebuked myself for forgetting to refuel earlier in the journey!

I started to panic a bit, because I knew if I pulled off the freeway to find a gas station and stopped at one, my car might be missing some tires and my wallet might have a new owner before I could finish filling my gas tank.

So, while still traveling on the freeway, I cried out impulsively, “God, I need gas!”  Unexpectedly, I watched the gas gauge needle go from far below “empty” up to about a quarter of a tank reading! Amazing! I praised the Lord for his creative miracle, right before my eyes!

I managed to make it the remaining 30 miles to my home and as I pulled into my driveway and glanced at the fuel gauge, it now read just above empty. I joked with Father, saying, “I should have asked for a full tank!” He replied with a chuckle, “Yes, son, you should have!” I laughed some more because I made my Abba laugh.

About ten years later, I was driving a different car, this time with a passenger, and was sharing the story about God putting gas in my tank as an example of a creative miracle. I happened to glance at the fuel gauge and it was way below empty, so I cried out again, “God, I need gas!” As we both watched the fuel gauge, the needle went up to a 1/3-tank reading. Incredible! This time, I had a witness and he believed my testimony from 10 years before.  

I exclaimed after the fact that “I should have asked for a full tank!” I heard Father laughing at his “slow-learning” son. I had to laugh with him, as I thought:

“Next time, Abba, …”

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