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Invest Your Influence!

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Invest Your Influence!

by Steve Trullinger

Your Father has entrusted you with exactly the right amount of influence in the lives of other people, whether they be members of your family, your church, your workplace, or your nation. 

He invites you to invest your influence by entrusting others who look to you for training, mentorship, leadership, etc. What can you entrust to them? Influence with those that they lead.

In other words, be brave enough to delegate tasks and responsibilities that will reveal the faithfulness of those you lead. When they invest influence well, you will share in the joy that Abba has in finding you faithful with your own influence.  

This is an example of the reward described in the Parable of the Talents [Matthew 25:14-30]. Not only will you be trusted with greater influence, but you will also discover that incredible joy awaits you as you see your followers faithfully “invest it forward.”  

Abba wants to bless you with well-timed “escalations” of your influence in the world around you. His trust in you is delightfully paired with your trust in him! As he helps you “steward” your influence, the wonderful outcome is more of Christ’s nature in you.  

You, along with your faithful followers, will discover that:

Genuine influence is not a “badge” of superiority; rather it is a fruit of trust.

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