Left Behind?

by Steve Trullinger

Abba loves to delight in the adventures of his children. Indeed, he takes great delight in us [see Zephaniah 3:17]! With this in mind, I trust that you can believe that it is possible to make your Father “smile” and laugh, and even “belly-laugh” (those laughs probably reverberate throughout the universe!)

One of the times that I heard him “belly-laugh” occurred on an evening when our Father’s TouchTeam was about to conduct a worship and healing service in Southern California, at a small church that graciously hosted such services once per month.  

Our worship team, intercessors, and faithful volunteers arrived about 45 minutes before the start of the service and quickly set up everything in the main sanctuary to get ready and then retreated to a meeting room located some distance down a hallway in order to pray together for the service.

This pre-service prayer time was graced with a powerful sense of the presence of the Lord, and everyone was so captivated by the love-charged atmosphere that we completely lost track of the time and did not send anyone back to the sanctuary to greet the guests arriving for the meeting.   In fact, we had “abandoned” the arrivals as we were “caught up” in the Lord’s presence in the prayer room and finally made our way to the sanctuary about 20 minutes after the scheduled start time of the service.

Our “abandonment” of the guests had an unintended effect. Because the arriving saints found the sanctuary devoid of team members, but they saw jackets and other items scattered on some of the chairs, and instruments left on the platform, they had an eerie sense that they had been “left behind” by the “raptured” Father’s Touch Team members! Ha!

When we finally entered the sanctuary and the guests breathed a sigh of relief as they shared their “left behind” experience, we all shared a few moments of hilarity together as they quickly forgave the team for causing a bit of a “fright!”  

I could feel Abba’s “belly-laugh” as he delighted in the humor of the moment. He is a fun Dad!   

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