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Love Demands Eternity!

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Love Demands Eternity!

by Steve Trullinger

There is a profound reason why Abba made time so that it will never end:

God is love! [1 John 4:8,16]

Because God is infinite (no boundaries or limits) and he is good, his love is also infinite and good [This isn’t “rocket theology!”]. God loves you so much, that he won’t withhold anything good from you if your heart is blameless toward him [Psalm 84:11 (ESV)]. Thankfully, if you are born-again, your heart is indeed blameless because Jesus took all blame upon himself at the cross on your behalf. Read on …

So, because of his love for you, God will not withhold from you the revelation of that love (a good thing). Here is the exciting conclusion: his love, being infinite, will require an infinite time for its progressive revelation to you. Eternity must exist, and you must exist eternally! In other words,

Love demands eternity!

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