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Make It Snappy, Lord!

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Make It Snappy, Lord!

by Steve Trullinger

I suspect that Abba chuckles when Jesus has fun teaching us that the “impossible” can happen quickly! Here is an example:

On a business trip to the Northwest just before Christmas several years ago, one of The Father’s Touch team members was conducting a small, informal training of new sales associates in the home of a young woman who graciously agreed to host the impromptu meeting on a Saturday morning, in spite of her not- quite-complete recovery from a bad cold.

After several cups of coffee that morning and a rather long first session, our team member desperately needed to take a restroom break (others did too, so there was a line forming already!). As he started to dash for the bathroom, he was interrupted in his quest for relief by the groans of the anguished hostess in the kitchen who was holding her ears as she coughed again and again from lingering congestion in her chest. When asked what was wrong, she said her ear infection was causing extreme pain whenever she coughed. She was obviously in a great deal of pain!

For our team member, this was one of those dreaded moments when he just knew that the Lord was going to give him an assignment that didn’t quite agree with his plan. Sure enough, the Holy Spirit told him to pray for the woman. “Can’t it wait, Lord, until after my restroom break? Please?” “No, pray for her now,” came the answer! What would you do in his shoes? Most of us would be tempted to think that it couldn’t be the Lord talking; it must be the devil trying to inflict serious injury in the form of a burst bladder! Visions of a marathon 2-hour healing session were beginning to invade the team member’s mind. And he began to wonder who was going to pray for his healing! 

Wanting to be obedient, but also highly impacted by his urgency, he silently made a demand of the Lord, “OK, Lord, I’ll pray now for her, but you’re going to have to make it snappy!” 

When he asked if he could lay hands on her ears and pray, she nodded in agreement. As he reached for her ears, his hands began to tingle with a familiar presence of healing power and she was delivered from pain instantly when he touched her ears! Then he asked if she needed anything else and she responded that her throat was very sore. That pain also left instantly when he touched her throat! 

Again he asked if there was anything else, wanting to make sure he finished everything the Lord wanted to do before he made a mad dash for the bathroom! She said her lungs were really congested (in his self-focus he forgot about her lungs!), so he commanded her lungs to be cleared and told her to take a breath. She breathed in freely with no vestige of congestion and exclaimed, “No way!” He said, “Yes way!”, gave her a high five and made his dash!

The healing that he thought might take many minutes (in agony – his!) actually took no more than 15 seconds! The Lord did indeed “make it snappy!” And the entire room full of trainees witnessed their first miracle! 

When our team member returned from the restroom in a much more relaxed state, he found the hostess sobbing where he had so abruptly left her in the kitchen. She was in shock over the Father’s loving touch. As a result of this encounter with the powerful compassion of Jesus, she soon after surrendered her life to her Savior and Lord! 

When you have true “urgency” in accomplishing the Father’s will, he and Jesus and Holy Spirit are right there with you, eager to “make it snappy!” Get in the habit of asking for what you need!

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