by Steve Trullinger

Sometimes just one word, spoken with authority, is enough to shift an “atmosphere” because of Abba’s power carried by the word! In other words, a word spoken by the unction of the Holy Spirit can accomplish all that Abba desires in that moment.  

Just one example from our Father’s Touch ministry in East Africa, of the many I could share, may encourage you:

On the third night of our 5-night 2016 Freedom Festival in Kisumu, Kenya, we were blessed to encounter a greatly increased level of joy and freedom at the field when we arrived. One major reason for this shift in the “atmosphere” had to do with the crowd exerting authority over the demonic realm on the previous night.

On that second night, I preached on the authority demonstrated by Jesus (see Mt 8:16) when he drove out evil spirits with a word. A single word! The Gospel writers do not record what that word was, but I guessed that it was “Go!” So, I encouraged the believers in the crowd to issue a one-word command in Swahili to all the demons who were afflicting the people present on our Festival field. That word was “Nenda!” – which means “Go!” Many people indicated that they were delivered because of that authoritative one-word command!

On the third night we began by asking for testimonies of healing/freedom from the second-night Festival, and a man named Sylvester came to the platform to testify that he was delivered of tormenting bad dreams as a result of the “Nenda!” command. Sylvester finally had a night with only “good” dreams, after 32 years (his whole life!) of persistent “bad” dreams! He gave glory to God and praised Jesus for his freedom that came through the one-word command issued by the crowd: “Nenda!” This was but one example of why the “atmosphere” shifted at our Festival field: there is authority in the voice of the believer, when you speak on behalf of your Father!

Nenda! And do His will!

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