Talking Fruit!

by Steve Trullinger

The Holy Spirit often communicates (and wonderfully so) the Father’s heart to us at just the right time–for example, when we need guidance and/or encouragement.   

Sometimes he also provides a “2.0” update when we are ready.

I received an initial encouragement via the Holy Spirit many years ago when I was frustrated and a bit discouraged by the reluctance of church leaders in my community to embrace, (let alone endorse), our fledgling healing ministry. The more I tried to convince some of these leaders that our ministry was biblical and growing in effectiveness, the more frustrated I became at the lack of genuine reception of the ministry carried out by our dedicated volunteers.  

I had hit the proverbial “brick wall” with leaders who were seemingly “spooked” by the supernatural power of God flowing through our ministry team members who were sincere and yet viewed as “novices who couldn’t possibly know what they were doing.”

At that critical time in my own maturation as a leader learning how to navigate the minefield of naysayers, I needed wisdom from heaven! That is when Holy Spirit whispered this wise advice to me:

“Let your fruit do the talking!”

That was exactly what I needed to hear! I was enabled to grow in patience as I allowed spontaneous praise “reports” of the amazing fruit of our ministry to be communicated by recipients of the many healing touches from the Father and “heard” by a growing number of believers in our community. The fruit was doing the “talking” without my “advertisement.”

As a result, believers began to travel quite some distance to attend our healing services and meetings, and our ministry grew because of the healing touches of the Father through more and more volunteers that we were privileged to train and encourage. Our teams were eventually able to serve much of the Southern California region and as a result, I was ready to hear the Holy Spirit add something profound to his advice which helped clarify this as a principle that is important to teach those with “ears to hear” what the Spirit is saying:

“Let your fruit do the talking, and your silence will make it louder!”

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