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When Will It Be MY Turn?

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When Will It Be MY Turn?

by Steve Trullinger

Have you ever sent this question heavenward: “Father, when will it be my turn?” Perhaps many of your friends are receiving “blessings” but your hands feel like they are remaining empty?

Our Father’s tender heart understands our self-focus, but he displays amazing love as he helps us to mature and grow in “others-focus.” As we become more like Jesus, self-focus becomes less evident and we gain more of the attitude that he modeled. A wonderful fruit awaits this maturation, because it paves the way for sharing in the extreme joy of Jesus as we join in loving others as he does [John 13:34-35]. 

Becoming more “others-focused” will both challenge you and encourage you to realize that you are not in isolation from the rest of the Body of Christ but in fact are becoming one with them. The incredible unity that Jesus prayed for [John 17:20-23] has at its core the inter-connectedness of our lives as interwoven “threads” that the Master Weaver is fashioning into a beautiful “tapestry.”

So, whatever blessing one of us receives or experiences can be a wonderful blessing to all of us, and vice-versa. As this revelation “takes hold” in your thinking, it will become increasingly and progressively clear that your focus on others actually includes self- focus! As a result, you will discover that it has actually been your turn all along!

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