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Yes, We Have Bananas!

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Yes, We Have Bananas!

by Steve Trullinger

Not only does Abba sometimes surprise us when someone is in desperate need for healing, but he also delights in meeting even our less-pressing needs. Here is an example that not only ratchets up our faith, but also encourages us to ask and not be silent because we think it wouldn’t be important enough for God to be “bothered.” We “… do not have because [we] do not ask God.” [Js. 4:2] All of our needs are important to our Father! 

On a 3-day weekend retreat trip to Mexico from Los Angeles, some of the Father’s Touch team members were riding in a car together and one of them remarked how disappointed she was that she wouldn’t be able to eat her favorite, spicy Mexican foods because of her recent bout with stomach trouble, including an ulcer. 

Rather than praying for healing for the stomach outright, one of the team members felt led to first ask the question, “What is the food that is easiest for your stomach to tolerate?” She replied, “Well, that would be bananas. They give me no trouble at all.” The Holy Spirit then prompted the following prayer: “Lord, while she is in Mexico, please let her savor the taste of whatever she eats, but change it into bananas before it reaches her stomach!” 

As you may have guessed by now, that is exactly what happened over the three days of feasting on wonderful, spicy Mexican cuisine. Anything and everything she ate did not irritate her stomach in the slightest! The Lord blessed her wonderfully by answering that simple, but rather unconventional, prayer. What an awesome God we serve! You can imagine how the faith of the people around her, and that of many others who have heard that story since then, was ratcheted up another notch! 

An interesting side lesson was learned through this experience, by the way. Recall the exact wording of the prayer prayed before leaving California: “…while she is in Mexico…” On the way back home to California, the carload stopped at this lady’s favorite taco stand in Tijuana so she could get two of her favorite super deluxe, spicy tacos! She ate one of them while waiting in the long line of cars at the border, and in keeping with the fact that she was still in Mexico, her stomach was fine! 

About an hour later, however, as the group was well within California heading home to Los Angeles, she ate the other taco. Big mistake! Her stomach rebelled and required a fast dose of peppermint! So, Abba honored the prayer request to change all she ate in Mexico to bananas, but once back across the border, the miracle ended! He evidently wanted to teach everyone a lesson about the power of our words and to think carefully about our requests, since he took the request literally! Be forewarned! 

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