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You Can Be a “Scare-demon!”

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You Can Be a "Scare-demon!"

by Steve Trullinger

Who is afraid of you? The answer depends on your identity, and the source of your confidence.

Farmers used to fashion “scarecrows” by stuffing straw inside of a man’s clothes and propping up the resulting figurine with a long stick in the field of their crops. Crows would be fooled into thinking the figure was a farmer and shy away from the field, thus sparing the harvest.

To demons, you are much scarier, if you know who you are and your authority as a son of God.  Jesus said to his disciples (and through them to us):

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy [Satan and his demons]; nothing will harm you.”  [Luke 10:19]

Indeed, Abba has equipped you to be his “scare-demon” in the Lord’s harvest field, and enjoy some good, clean, Christian “recreation” as you watch demons flee from you [James 4:7].  Your Father in heaven will laugh with you!

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