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YOU Decide!

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YOU Decide!

by Steve Trullinger

Have you ever been “stalled” in making a decision, because the options seem equally “good,” “biblical,” “Kingdom-focused,” etc.? And you’ve been seeking your Father’s direction so that you don’t somehow make the “wrong” choice?

I’ve been stalled this way a few times, and it is not fun! Indeed, it can be agonizing if we remain in “indecision” for too long a time.  

Here’s some good news: I’ve learned to better recognize such times as possible invitations by Abba to “make a decision!” Indeed, he increasingly encourages me directly, saying 

“YOU decide, son, and I will back you up!”

When you know you will have the support of your Father (see 2 Chronicles 16:9), it becomes much easier to make decisions in the “tough” cases. Indeed, your Father wants you to grow in decision-making as you mature in your process of becoming more like Jesus (see Romans 8:29). What parent would be “ok” with their 16-year-old son or daughter asking whether they should buy a red or a blue toothbrush to replace their old one? Surely the parent would say, “The choice is yours!” You get the point, I’m sure.

I believe that Jesus walked the Earth with extreme confidence, and so can you! He gained that confidence by getting to know his Father extremely well. So can you. [See The Belief Advantage! course for strong encouragement.]

Here is a thought to “inspire” you:

Servants wait for instructions, while sons make decisions!


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