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Your Belief is the Enemy of “Impossible!”

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Your Belief is the Enemy of “Impossible!”

by Steve Trullinger

The power of belief is much greater than most of us realize, let alone experience. Even though there is remarkable power in your spoken word, as a son of God, there is far more power that springs forth from what you believe in your heart. 

Belief is not just assenting to what is possible; it is the causative agent that makes things possible! The world around you must “shift” when you make the choice to believe! [Mark 9:23]

Yes, belief is indeed a choice that you make – it is not something that just “happens” to you.  Abba has given you a measure of faith, but what you do with it is dependent on your choices to believe.

The incredible gift from Abba that we call “free will” is a direct and stellar example of his desire to give you only “good and perfect” gifts [James 1:17]. When you exercise this gift to make good choices, Abba is blessed beyond measure. He knows that you will be blessed because of the good choices and this in turn is what truly blesses him.  

So, choose to believe and watch the “impossible” become possible! It is your divine re-birthright!

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